Greetings from our home!

I have been chosen for Pet Star of the Week! My name is Sid and I am the cute grey ball of fur in the far left corner. My mommy brought me in for a check up because I am not as ‘cat-like’ as my big brother, Twilight (far right). Something happened before I came to live with mommy and daddy which has given me a hopping gate as I try and chase Twilight and Jager (middle) round the house. I’m no where near as fast but I give it my best try. It also has affected my jumping abilities so mommy created a small step-up system for me so that I can get to my food without any trouble, and keep it out of Jager’s reach. Beyond these two issues I feel like a happy and healthy boy who loves playing with my siblings. So I’m here to say don’t let your troubles or anything else get you down, but if you’re feeling under the weather go visit our friends over at Acre Hill. They’ll treat you right and adore you for all your uniqueness, no matter what!

Your Pal,