Our October Pets of the Month: Alphonse and Roxas

These two ravishing young men are Roxas and Alphonse. They are very well kept Long Haired Dachshunds, from a wonderful family. If you are wondering why they look so much alike it is because they are brothers! Roxas is 6 years old (left) and Alphonse is 7 years old (right). Mama has loved them since before they were born. Their biological dad, Happy, was her aunt and uncle’s household pet growing up, as he started to get older they decided they wanted more of him running around so they found him a wife. The two of them hit it off and at 15 years old Happy and his wife had their first litter of puppies. This made everyone very excited and they thought they had enough but dad had other plans and before they had time to Spay Mrs. Happy she was ready for her second litter. With more puppies than to know what to do with, they found a few loving homes with relatives to take care of them. This mamma (pictured) only planned on having one spoiled child and ended up with two spoiled children but couldn’t be happier about it.

Pictured: Alphonse and Roxas