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Hello Everyone!

We all know that winter is slowly but surely arriving.  With that being said, we want to give you all a few tips on how to keep your pets at home safe and warm this winter.

Here are a few tips to look out for and keep in mind for our furry friends:

1.  Frosting is one of the worst things that usually dogs can get themselves into during the winter.  Now, there are also outdoor cats that we have to keep an eye with this as well.  Frosting is when the paws become so cold that they literally start to freeze and become an icicle.  We don't want that for any of your pets so to prevent it always keep an eye on your pet that you let outside to use the bathroom.  Most animals will let you know when it is way to freezing outside for them and they want to come back in.  But we all know that one pet that loves being outside, loves the water, and the snow. Always keep an eye on your pet and when you think that their time is up outside then all you have to do is open the door and tell them to head back inside. 

2. On another note if you live out in the country and your animals roam freely, that is okay too.  Maybe for the winter you could start walking them on a leash or another alternative.  Most pets that live country free know when the weather is too cold for their well-being and would rather be back inside so they make it known to their owners that they want back in.

3.  How do you get your pet to the animal hospitals or even Acre Hill? Is it by car? Well if it is always be careful in the winter because antifreeze will constantly be leaking in your driveway without you even knowing.  When this happens it attracts your pets to the smell of it, DO NOT LET THEM LICK IT!  Antifreeze is no where near healthy for your pets. As a matter of fact just call it the deadly drink to your pet. Also if you are taking your dog on a walk, do not let them wander off too far because you never know what your neighbors have going on in their driveways.

4. This tip is mainly for all of the cat lovers and owners out there.  We all know that on those frigid days that cats LOVE to climb up under cars and hide away to stay warm. Well what do they not know? They do not know that they could easily die if someone starts driving off in their car while they are just hanging out on the top of their tires or even under the motor hood.  Take precautions when it comes to this!

5.  Now if you are out and about walking your dog and you look down and you see salt all over the ground, that is great! It means your community is trying to help you out by preventing you from falling.  However the salt that is used for this (typically calcium or sodium chloride) is very harsh on paws. To prevent this you could always buy some stylish booties for your dogs and cats!

On another note we hope that everyone and their families along with all of the furry babies in them have a warm, safe, and happy holiday season.  Acre Hill will keep you updated on our hours for the holiday season closer to Christmas!

Thank you!

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