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Pet of the Month

Here at Acre Hill Veterinary Clinic we have an abundance of spectacular pets, as well as pet owners.  In order to honor these amazing pets we are going to have an official "Pet of the Month." The pet of honor will have their picture placed on this page with a little information on who they are and why they got the award for one month and then the picture will be put into our photo gallery.


Meet our newest Pet of the Month, Tater! Tater was rescued when he was just a kitten. He ran out in front of a car in a grocery store parking lot in California and then hid. His new family was able to coax him out from his hiding spot and they have been together for about eight years now. Tater is the proclaimed "King of the House" and goes where he wants. He does not have a favorite spot to lay so finding him can be a bit tricky when he wants to be alone. He is mostly described as being curious, calm and affectionate. Tater loves to be around people but can be a bit shy at first until he really gets to know them. He also has a sister named Silly that he gets along great with. Tater has learned one trick while staying with his family, playing dead.

Congratulations on being May's Pet of the Month! We look forward to watching you grow for several years to come!

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